Deflation is Coming, Followed by High Inflation

Ask most American’s what is coming next, either deflation or inflation? A majority of them will say that it’s inflation. I’ve even polled the students in my “Boomer Retirement Planning Class” over the years and most believe inflation lurking right around the corner. Yet most Americans do not understand the true definition of inflation unless … Read more

Market Brief – Monday 12/10/18

The futures market opened Sunday afternoon with U.S. equities tumbling on news from China demanding the return of Meng, Huawei’s CFO and the Trump Administration stating that March 1st is a hard deadline where further tariffs will be implemented if China does not start reducing the trade deficit. Asian equities opened lower on news that … Read more

Market Brief – Friday 12/7/18

November’s Nonfarm Payroll report came in at +155k jobs, below expectations of a +198k print. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) birth-death model showed a modest drop of -9k jobs, bringing the adjusted total to +164k jobs. The 12-, 6-, and 3-month average of jobs created are 123k, 108k, and 114k. When the job creation … Read more

Market Brief – Thursday 12/6/18

Stocks were pummeled out of the gate as a huge sell order came in yesterday when the futures market opened, which caused the major indices to open lower. In the past, large sell orders would be buffered by the securities dealers, but they aren’t doing that anymore. Welcome to a computer-traded market. Instead, the futures … Read more