Market Brief – Tuesday 3/31/20

After another volatile overnight session, stocks started the day lower but quickly moved into the green in early trading. Treasury yields rose slightly in overnight trading after sellers rushed to push yields higher after they fell in early trading yesterday. On 30-year Treasury yields, 1.3% remains critical support that if broken, should lead to a … Read more

Market Brief – Monday 3/30/20

After a volatile overnight session, stocks opened higher and rallied in early trading. Treasury yields did not follow stocks higher, as they broke a recently contested level of support in overnight trading and headed lower in early trading. Crude oil fell below $20 per barrel in overnight trading but managed to get back over $20 … Read more

The Economic Event of Our Lifetimes

It is hard to believe that over a month ago investors were celebrating stock prices making new all-time highs, and at the time of writing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has shed ten thousand points or 35% in five weeks. The fastest stock market decline in history. Sadly, most investors and professionals did not believe … Read more

Market Brief – Friday 3/27/20

Stocks fell in overnight trading, cutting yesterday’s gain in half. Buyers were active in early trading but were unable to gain much traction. Treasury yields fell in overnight trading and were slowly falling in early trading. Crude oil fell below $22 per barrel in overnight trading after Saudi Arabia said there were no talks with … Read more

Market Brief – Thursday 3/26/20

Stocks quickly erased their overnight losses following the unemployment report, which was the most on record, and rallied in early trading. Treasury yields fell in overnight trading, but rose following the unemployment report, only to fade its move higher in early trading. Initial jobless claims rose to 3,283k, missing expectations of a 1,650k gain, which … Read more

Market Brief – Wednesday 3/25/20

Stocks were volatile in early trading but heading higher as pension funds and large institutional money managers continue to buy stocks and sell bonds to rebalance their portfolios going into the quarter-end. Treasury yields were lower in early trading as the Fed continues its massive purchase program. Mortgage applications fell -29.4% over last week as … Read more

Market Brief – Tuesday 3/24/20

Equity futures went limit up in overnight trading as investors remain hopeful a stimulus bill and the massive amount of Fed easing will reignite the U.S. economy. Treasury yields also rose in overnight trading but were slowly falling in early trading. Redbook same-store weekly retail sales rose +1.7% over last month and a whopping +9.1% … Read more

Market Brief – Monday 3/23/20

Stocks and Treasury yields fell in early trading after the Federal Reserve announced it would purchase $75 billion of Treasury securities and $50 billion of Mortgage-Backed Securities for a total of $125 billion per day with no end date. The Fed is also going to purchase corporate bonds and agency municipal mortgage-back securities among other … Read more

Treasury Yields Are Going to Zero

Every Bear market in stocks has a catalyst, with the most recent one being the Coronavirus. Many people believe the Coronavirus has caused stock prices to crash, but the virus merely tipped an already wobbling global economy into what will likely be a global recession or depression, unless the Federal Reserve acts quickly enough. While … Read more

Market Brief – Friday 3/20/20

Stocks were mixed in overnight trading but rose in early trading as today is a large options expiration day. Stocks fell after New York Governor Cuomo told all workers to stay home. Treasury yields fell in overnight trading and continued to fall in early trading. Bank of America expects unemployment claims to jump to 3 … Read more