This is a proprietary strategy that is only available to select clients of my firm.

A Unique Investment Strategy

Portfolio Shield™ is a unique investment strategy designed to take risk when the equity markets are rising and reduce risk when the equity markets are falling.

Adapts to Changing Market Conditions

Portfolio Shield™ is a dynamic strategy that adapts to changing market conditions on a monthly basis.

During Bull markets, when stock prices are rising, Portfolio Shield™ will adjust the portfolio to take advantage of rising stock prices.

During Bear markets, when stock prices are falling, Portfolio Shield™ will take a defensive allocation by reducing its equity exposure to increase the portfolio’s allocation to bonds and cash.

A Simple Design

Portfolio Shield™ is a simple, easy-to-understand investment strategy that utilizes the S&P 500®, Nasdaq-100, the Russell 2000 and a Treasury bond fund to potentially deliver higher investment returns with less risk compared the S&P 500® over the past ten years, based on current and back-tested Morningstar® returns.

No Compromise on Returns

By investing in the top performing equity indices at all times, Portfolio Shield™ tends to rise with the broad stock market. Based on current and Morningstar® backtested returns, Portfolio Shield™ has outperformed the S&P 500 ten out of the past thirteen years, gross of advisory and transaction fees.

With Less Risk

Portfolio Shield™ has two unique features to reduce risk and volatility —

Every month the equity allocation is adjusted with a proprietary formula that weights more of the portfolio to the equity funds with lower volatility.

At the same time, Portfolio Shield™ can add or remove the Treasury bond fund from the allocation to improve upside performance during Bull markets or to reduce downside risk during Bear markets or volatile periods. The decision to add or remove the Treasury bond fund from the allocation is based on a separate formula.

Why Is It Better

Most investment strategies available today were either developed decades ago or were designed to work under a specific set of conditions. Portfolio Shield™ was designed to work within the constructs of our monetary system and optimized to work in today’s financial markets.

How Does It Compare?

Portfolio shield takes the best aspects of low-cost index investing and incorporates a unique way to reduce risk when equity markets are falling.

When compared to a traditional diversified portfolio, a volatility-controlled portfolio or a “robot”advisory portfolio, Portfolio Shield’s unique design and hedging strategy allows Portfolio Shield™ to generate higher returns for less risk over a 3-, 5-, and 10-year period when compared to investing in the S&P 500, based on current and backtested returns by Morningstar®.

How It Works

The strategy is designed to allocate itself to the S&P 500®, Nasdaq-100, and Russell 2000 when the equity markets are rising. When the equity markets slow down or start to correct, the portfolio adjusts to add a long-term U.S. Treasury fund to the allocation.

The Treasury fund acts as a brake to reduce the downside risk of the portfolio when stocks go down. This works because when stocks fall, bonds typically rise. The bond allocation has the potential to offset a large portion of the fall in the equity allocation.

Why It Works

Portfolio Shield™ was designed around our monetary system, along with the business and credit cycles. With a deep understanding of how the stock and bond market work inside our monetary system, the strategy is able to adjust between both as economic conditions change.

Easy to Understand Statements

With a limited number of potential investments in the allocation, investors will be able to easily determine how their portfolio is allocated.

Validated by Morningstar®

All current and back-tested returns, along with all of the risk analytics are validated by Morningstar®. Each month Morningstar® provides an updated Investment Detail Report on the Portfolio Shield™ strategy. Morningstar® is the premier provider of data and analytics for the financial services industry.

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The hypothetical back-tested information provided herein is illustrative only and derived from a proprietary Model Strategy designed with the benefit of hindsight based on certain data (which may or may not correspond with the data that someone else would use to back-test) and, market or economic condition assumptions, and estimates (not all of which may be specified herein and which are subject to change without notice). The hypothetical returns are (i) gross of annual advisory fee of 1%, (ii) do not take index fees or transaction costs into account, and (iii) do not reflect the reinvestment of dividends or other earnings. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. Atlas Financial Advisors, Inc. makes no assurance that the Model Strategy will achieve its investment objectives.