Chapter 7: My Benefits

Chapter 6: Paying Taxes on Social Security Benefits

How Do I Get My Personal Social Security Statement?

If you have not done so already, create an online account at sss.gov to use the online estimator tool. Once created, you can review your personal Social Security Statement at any time.

If you choose not to create an account, statements are mailed to those aged 60 and older who have not applied for benefits or setup an online account. When you do get a statement, it is recommended you keep it in a safe location for later reference. It is important be familiar with the information included in this statement as you go into retirement.

Online Benefits Calculator

Social Security offers many online calculators to help you plan for your current or future needs. Their two most popular calculators are the Retirement Estimator and Benefits for Spouses Calculator. You can find these and other online tools at: Social Security Online Benefits Calculator.