Investors must help manage their retirement funds

The Bakersfield Californian December 19, 2013 The good news is that American households have regained nearly all of the wealth lost during the Great Recession of 2008-2009. The Federal Reserve recently reported that total household net worth, which is assets minus liabilities, expanded for the eighth straight quarter. The lion’s share of the credit goes … Read more

Employer retirement plans are ‘good investments’

The Kern Business Journal December 7, 2013 Once upon a time – actually, not that many years ago – employees accumulated their retirement savings by paying down on the mortgages of their homes, putting their money in savings accounts, buying bonds and life insurance, and working for companies with defined-benefit pension plans. Today, most retirement … Read more

Portfolio Newsletter 3Q 2013

As I write, our government has begun a partial shutdown – the first in 17 years. In case you missed the video e-mail I recently sent, rest assured the shutdown should not have a major impact on the markets. With any luck, it will be resolved by the time you read this. Wall Street expects … Read more

Independent contractor tricky, costly arrangement

The Bakersfield Californian September 13, 2013 Being a financial advisor doesn’t always mean focusing just on “dollars and cents.” Sometimes it requires focusing on a client’s financial strategy to ensure it makes sense. Recently a young woman entered my office to discuss the changed circumstance of her employment. She and her husband have been my … Read more

Expect cost shifts, increases in retirement

The Bakersfield Californian July 30, 2013 My client, who I will call Sam, came roaring into my office the other day. He was in a foaming rant over toilet paper. At first, Sam did not seem to be making much sense. Resisting the temptation to laugh, listened intently to Sam until I finally figured out … Read more

Portfolio Newsletter 2Q 2013

I’ve been getting quite a few questions lately on what will happen with bond funds in the portfolios when interest rates begin to rise. This is a very good question. At some point, the Fed will start raising interest rates. When interest rates do rise, bond prices will fall. Falling bond prices lead directly to … Read more

Financially clueless students heading off to college

The Bakersfield Californian June 20, 2013 Scrambling to recover from the financial losses they experienced during the Great Recession of 2009, many of my aging boomer clients now are waving goodbye to their college-bound children. Many fear they also may be waving goodbye to their retirement savings. College students and their families are taking on … Read more

Strategies exist to maximize Social Security benefits

The Bakersfield Californian April 23, 2013 Social Security provides at least half the income to Americans ages 65 years and older. For about 25 percent of that age group, it accounts for 90 percent. And that’s why the Social Security reform debate now under way in Congress is so heated. For so many Americans, Social … Read more