Divorce misstep after 50 can be catastrophic

The Bakersfield Californian May 13, 2011 Fans are watching in horror as the fallout from the bitter divorce war of Jamie and Frank McCourt, the owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, jeopardizes a long-treasured baseball franchise. With accusations flying, the meltdown of the McCourts’ 30-year marriage has become so toxic that the commissioner of Major … Read more

Boomers, plan your encore career before retiring

The Bakersfield Californian April 8, 2011 Another poll and another indication that baby boomers are just plain frightened about their retirement financial security. Released this week, the Associated Press-LifeGoesStrong.com poll found 44 percent of the boomers surveyed expressed little or no faith that they would have enough money when their careers end. Only 11 percent … Read more

Don’t let long life be ‘bum luck’

The Bakersfield Californian March 25, 2011 How long can I live? That seemed to be a question the guy should be asking his doctor, not his financial planner. But across my desk sat a 49-year-old client, who wanted to know just how long he could live until his retirement savings – bank deposits, 401k investments … Read more

Bad news for boomers relying on 401(k) plans

The Bakersfield Californian March 4, 2011 The 401(k) generation is retiring with savings plans that are falling way too short. And if that news isn’t bad enough, try this: Many 401(k) plan managers have conflicts of interests. They charge fees, offer advice and direct funds more for the managers’ benefit than for the investors’. Those … Read more

Silver tsunami heads to retirement shore unprepared

Bakersfield Life Magazine February, 2011 They have been called the “pig in the python.” They are the baby boomers who comprise a huge bunch of people born after World War II, from 1946 to 1964. They swelled the historically “flat” demographic line as they grew out of diapers, overwhelmed American schools, consumed the job market … Read more

Take control with a retirement plan

Bakersfield Life Magazine February, 2011 A local nurse who attended a retirement planning course I conducted through the Levan Institute for Lifelong Learning at Bakersfield College, came into my office recently seeking a second opinion regarding an investment. Two years ago, she bought one of the most expensive investments on the market that had management … Read more

Relief for painful holiday debt ‘hangover’

The Bakersfield Californian January 21, 2011 Talk about “hung over.” But I am not talking about the after effects of too much booze and too much partying. I’m talking about too much spending; too much flexing the credit card plastic over the holidays. I have been working with a man we’ll call Joe for the … Read more

Not too late for boomers to start saving

The Bakersfield Californian December 24, 2010 The man sitting at my desk was 54 years old and worked as a middle manager for a local company that has experienced several layoffs over the past two years. His wife is seven years younger and works as a teacher. They have two children, one in seventh grade … Read more

Grandparents have choices in financial giving

The Bakersfield Californian December 10, 2010 Now is the time of year that doting grandparents begin thinking about buying “just right” presents to put under the tree. Often those presents come in the form of cold, hard cash. MetLife Mature Market Institute recently conducted a nationwide survey of grandparents age 45 and older with grandchildren … Read more