Portfolio Newsletter 3Q 2015

As we reach the end of the second phase of the current market correction, I am pleased to report that all portfolios have outperformed the market (net of fees) as of September 30. This continued success is a result of diversification, sector selection and low fees. The mid-year rebalance went smoothly and produced a successful … Read more

Financial Wellness – More states are entering retirement savings business

Kern Business Journal August 2015 Illinois and Washington already have approved state-run retirement plans for employees of private companies. Oregon is following the trend. And at least 25 other states, including California, are studying the feasibility of starting programs. Small business owners must brace for the likelihood that state governments soon will be operating payroll-deducted retirement savings programs for … Read more

QLACs may allay fears of dying ‘dead broke’

The Bakersfield Californian July 16, 2015 A client came into my office the other day. She was so excited about telling me an “amazing” story, which she somehow thought validated her long-disputed retirement plan. It seems her sister worked for an old country doctor in rural Kansas. Although the doctor was well into his 80s, … Read more

Portfolio Newsletter 2Q 2015

I am happy to report the performance of all portfolios continues to exceed my expectations. I hope you will be equally pleased. The continued source of these returns lies within the diversification and sector selection of the equity portion in these portfolios. In this newsletter, you will be updated on some structural changes, my strategic … Read more

Student loan scandal threatening U.S. economy

The Bakersfield Californian June 30, 2015 Roughly $1.2 trillion in U.S. student loans are jeopardizing the present financial well-being and future retirements of generations of Americans. And the Wild West-like behavior of the student loan industry is making the situation worse. Consumer abuses have become so rampant that the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently … Read more

Succession planning: Don’t leave it to a pine box

Kern Business Journal June 2015 My client, whom I will call Joe, is in his late 50s and owns a trucking company. He once considered expanding his business, but instead took a more conservative path of buying several adjacent storefronts and renting them out. In recent months, Joe mentioned one day selling his trucking company. … Read more

Life requires setting spending priorities

The Bakersfield Californian April 27, 2015 Boomers are called the “sandwich generation” – often caught between taking care of their children and their aging parents, while planning for their own retirements. A 2014 survey by the non-profit American Consumer Credit Counseling revealed 31 percent of boomer Americans provide some support for their elderly parents or … Read more

Portfolio Newsletter 1Q 2015

It is with great pleasure I begin this newsletter by saying – every portfolio outperformed the market in the first quarter of this year! The two higher risk portfolios outperformed the S&P 500 (net of fees) by a wide margin. The moderate portfolio not only beat the S&P 500 (net of fees), but outperformed similar … Read more

Have-nots still have time to save for retirement

The Bakersfield Californian March 24, 2015 The increasing income gap between the top 1 percent and the rest of America continues to grab headlines. But waiting quietly in the background is a related retirement crisis. It’s no secret that few Americans have saved enough to fund even subsistence retirements, let alone comfortable ones. Blame their … Read more