Weekly Economic Update 07-27-2018

President Trump is Right; the Fed is Going to Blow Up the Economy And I predict it’s going to happen sometime in the next six months! On July 19, 2018, during an interview at the Whitehouse, President Trump told CNBC’s Joe Kernen, “Because we go up and every time you go up they want to … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 07-20-2018

The Fed: Masters of Illusion, Part 2 In last week’s update, The Fed: Masters of Illusion, we learned the Fed has used policy tools to create the illusion of economic prosperity. They did this in an attempt to rescue the economy from the Great Financial Crisis of 2008-09 which was arguably caused by the Fed’s … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 07-13-2018

The Fed: Masters of Illusion I remember as a young boy I saw the up and coming magician David Copperfield at the Bakersfield Convention Center. Watching in amazement, little did I know that Copperfield would become the most commercially successful magician in history. I still remember watching the TV special where Copperfield made the Statue … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 07-06-2018

Another Trump Tax Cut and the Fed’s Trilemma Recently President Trump told the media he is working on another tax cut that will further lower the corporate income tax rate and provide a middle-class tax cut. The timing of President Trump’s announcement is spot on with my view that the previous tax cut would have … Read more