Weekly Economic Update 06-29-2018

President Trump’s Plan to Win the Trade War Donald Trump campaigned and won the election to become our 43rd President on his promise to bring jobs back to the midwestern region of our country. During his inauguration speech, President Trump repeatedly pledged he would employ a protectionist strategy to help America’s farmers and to bring … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 06-22-2018

Are the Russian’s Pushing Treasury Yields Higher? After 35 years of disinflation and with the election of President Trump as our 45th President, inflation fears dominated the mainstream media—almost overnight. For some reason, analysts deemed President Trump’s policies as inflationary, even though past Presidents have implemented similar policies without creating inflation. The shift in mindset … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 06-15-2018

The Fake Monthly Jobs Report On the first Friday of every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) publishes the number of jobs that were created or lost during the prior month and then revises the number of jobs created or lost during the two months prior. Recently the BLS reported a staggering 223,000 jobs … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 06-07-2018

Proof the Fed Can’t Print Money When former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced to the world the Fed was going to purchase U.S. Treasury debt and mortgage-backed securities, one of the first questions he was asked was if the Fed was printing money. Ben repeatedly stated that the Fed was not printing money. This … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 06-01-2018

Party Like It’s 1999 In 1982, American musician Prince released an album and title track song, “Party Like It’s 1999.” This song became one of Prince’s most well-known titles which propelled him to rock-star status. Little did he know in 1982 that in 1999 the economy and stock market would be booming. The party was … Read more