Weekly Economic Update 05-25-2018

Inflationary Boom or Deflationary Bust? After decades of deflationary growth, the U.S. economy is in transition in the business cycle.  Many believe we are about to experience an inflationary boom, while a few believe the more likely outcome will be a deflationary bust. The stakes are high for both sides. Whoever gets the call correct … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 05-18-2018

The Decelerating Money Supply Does Matter A few months back I met with a prominent local financial advisor and when the conversation came to the economy, he felt the economy was poised to grow, while I felt it was headed towards a recession. When I mentioned the deceleration of the money supply as a catalyst … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 05-11-2018

Using High School Math to Forecast Major Economic Problems Recently, the Congressional Budget Office announced the United States economy will continue to expand for the next ten years before experiencing a recession. A panel of experts recently stated that the next recession will not occur until late 2019 or 2020 and the American public now … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 05-04-2018

Proof the Economy Never Recovered from the Great Financial Crisis To rescue the U.S. economy from the Great Financial Crisis, the Federal Reserve, or Fed, engineered the greatest monetary experiment in the history of the world. At face value, it appears the Fed’s experiment was successful: The stock market rose, real estate values rose, and … Read more