Weekly Economic Update 01-26-2018

I’ll Be Right and Here’s Why –The Seasonality of Gold and Bonds I’ve written in the past that the seasonality of bonds, gold and agricultural commodities begins sometime between November and February each year. It seems odd to me that investors prefer to buy these assets at this time each year, rather than some other … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 01-19-2018

Whoever Has the Gold Makes the Rules The Golden Rule states that a person should “Do unto others as you would have other do unto you”. On May 3, 1965, young comic strip writer Johnny Hart wrote a comic for the now famous “Wizard of Iz” series that depicts a King addressing his subjects. In … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 01-12-2018

China Just Weaponized Our Debt China, the largest holder and purchaser of U.S. Treasuries, announced Wednesday that they are considering reducing or ceasing the purchase of our debt going forward. This move was in response to the recently passed tax reform bill, that China said, if passed, there would be repercussions. In addition, China announced … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 01-05-2018

Inflation, Tax Cuts and Trump I recently read a piece on investor psychology that said American’s have a bias towards investing in any asset that is rising in value. American’s not only like things that are rising in value, but they will chase it to the top and ride it down to the bottom. This … Read more