Weekly Economic Update 12-28-2017

The Ultimate Strategy For those of you who read my weekly updates, I usually tell a story or discuss a relevant aspect of the global economy. Due to the holiday season, I have several partially written pieces, but none that were completed. Part of this is due to the holidays, the other part is because … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 12-22-2017

A Tale of Three Bubbles My wife came home from Target early one morning after picking up a few critical supplies and relayed the following story.  While waiting in line, she overheard a woman talking on her cell phone at the self-checkout registers.  The woman was telling the person on the other end how she … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 12-15-2017

The Fed Strikes Again This week I was planning on writing about how the Fed’s policies are going to prevent the economy from fulfilling President Trump’s campaign promise of generating 3-5% annualized GDP growth, but as of Tuesday, that topic isn’t what’s on my mind. For those of you who don’t know, I begin the … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 12-08-2017

The Magic Levitating Market Today the stock market appears to effortlessly rise as if there isn’t a worry in sight. Any bad news that causes stocks to fall is quickly reversed within minutes or days. Volatility has been crushed to historically low levels giving the average investor the confidence to take more risk than they … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 12-01-2017

A Market Built on Nitroglycerin In 1847, nitroglycerin, a heavy and colorless, oily liquid, was invented. Nitroglycerin was primarily used as an explosive, but for more than one-hundred years it has also been used to treat heart conditions. It is so unstable that the original German factory where it was produced exploded several times, killing … Read more