Weekly Economic Update 10-27-2017

Investor or Speculator? Most people who have money in stocks would tell you that they are investors, meaning that they are in it for the long term. For an investor, that time frame could be anywhere from five to more than thirty years, but this current market has turned speculative. Investors will be quick to … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 10-20-2017

The Looming Liquidity Trap The average person has no idea what liquidity in the stock market means. In the simplest sense, a liquid market is one in which buyers and sellers can be quickly matched. The opposite is true for an illiquid market, where there are usually more sellers than buyers and stock prices rapidly … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 10-13-2017

The Fed is backed into a corner… …and we’re eventually going to pay for their failed experiment. The Federal Reserve, our central bank, is tasked with several objectives which include conducting monetary policy, promoting financial system stability and supervising financial institutions. But what happens when the Fed fails to serve the public interest because it … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 10-06-2017

Through the Eyes of a Hedge Fund Manager Anytime I have an opportunity to hear a hedge fund manager speak, I always make time to listen. While they aren’t always right, what they do have is an access to volumes of information and people to help them interpret that data. What I take from these … Read more