Weekly Economic Update 08-25-2017

The Banks are Creating a Recession (Part 2) As a continuation of the first part of this series, The Banks are Creating a Recession, I want to cover how the banking system, money supply, and Federal Reserve relate to creating inflation and deflation. This is an important topic because when credit or asset bubbles burst, … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 08-18-2017

From Taper to Tap Out, the Fed’s About to Tighten A few months ago, everyone was bullish on the stock market, but that view is changing. No fewer than seven billionaire investors have come out stating the market is overvalued and that investors should be cautious. Investment banks and analysts are starting to join the … Read more

Cosigning child’s student loans ‘risky business’

Just a few weeks ago, thousands of proud Kern County families watched their students walk across auditorium stages and into exciting lives as college students. Those were proud moments. But now, reality has set in. How are those college educations going to be financed? For the top of the class and financially needy, there will … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 08-11-2017

The Bank are Creating a Recession (Part 1) If you ask the average person what triggers a recession, they might say a fall in consumption, a rise in unemployment, or even the bursting of an asset bubble. Those things don’t trigger a recession, they are the consequence of a recession, which is nothing more than … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 08-04-2017

The Crash of 1929 and the Next Recession This summer I have been studying the monetary policy of our country. Most texts focus on the 1920’s and, as I mentioned in the video portion of my last weekly update, it concerns me that we are following the same path that led to the Great Depression. … Read more