Weekly Economic Update 06-30-2017

The Fed’s Illusion of Prosperity When central banks start tightening the money supply it leads to the failure of Quantitative Easing (QE) programs. When that happens, historically asset prices fall. Nobody wants to think about their homes, business, cars or stock portfolios losing value, but that’s what usually happens when central banks tighten the money … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 06-23-2017

The Worst Crash in our Lifetime is Coming Recently, legendary investor and author Jim Rogers said that the worst crash in our lifetime will be coming sometime later this year or next. There’s something Jim knows that most people don’t, which is what I’m going to share with you this week. And if history holds … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 06-16-2017

What’s Your Exit Strategy? With US equity markets flirting with their all-time highs on any given day, my thoughts have been on investor psychology, more specifically, on what their exit strategy will be. I ask this question because it’s not until we invest in something that we start to believe that it’s going to go … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 06-09-2017

When Credit Super Cycles Go Bust I’ve been studying economic theory and classical charting over the past couple weeks; I find both fascinating in their own ways. Studying the history of economic theory helps us understand the macro view of the economy and what to expect going forward. Before doing that it’s also important to … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 06-02-2017

Warren Buffet is Also Hoarding Cash It might be hard to believe, but in 2014 Warren’s portfolio was holding about 50 billion in cash, representing about 20% of his total portfolio. Today that cash position has ballooned to 100 billion and is about 40% of his portfolio. He too has missed out on much of … Read more