Weekly Economic Update 05-26-2017

Stated Income Car Loans on the Rise You might think we’d learn from the subprime housing crisis that No Income No Job No Assets (NINJA) loans are a bad idea. While you and I can probably agree that those loans were a bad idea, it hasn’t stopped the automobile finance industry from taking up where … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 05-19-2017

Core Inflation Rolls Over I’ve talked about how the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is likely to fall because the biggest components, rents, oil and medical, were likely to see a year-over-year decline in prices. Oil has been falling since last year, but now rents and medical costs are starting to fall as well. CPI has … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 05-12-2017

In Fed We Trust A year ago, the mere mention of a rate hike would send the equity markets into turmoil. Today the Fed sends out their members on a weekly basis to talk about hiking rates and winding down the balance sheet, and the market doesn’t even flinch. I find it interesting that investors … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 05-05-2017

Transitory or Reality The Fed has sent clear signals that they intend to raise rates two more times this year, but who knows if they will. They cited the weak first quarter data as transitory, which the stock market is happy to go along with. There are things that don’t add up: new car sales … Read more