Weekly Economic Update 04-28-2017

More Hedge Fund Managers Warn that Markets are Overvalued Almost every day another hedge fund manager is trying to warn investors that this market may be getting too high, just like it did before the last two corrections. Considering the typical hedge fund manager directs billions of dollars’ worth of client funds, it’s probably a … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 04-21-2017

Beware of the Retail Sales Hat Trick Retail sales had back-to-back monthly declines in February and March. This may not seem like a big deal, but when retail sales have three months of consecutive declines, it implies that we are at, in or almost out of a recession. Historically there have been 17 times retail … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 04-14-2017

Highest Valued Stock Market in History Based  on the total U.S. stock market capitalization, is now approximately 207% of GDP. Compare this to the peak in 2007, which was 181% of GDP and the dot-com peak at 202% of GDP. It doesn’t help that GDP growth is very low compared to the prior peaks and … Read more

Weekly Economic Update 04-07-2017

Jobs Report Misses Expectations After a strong showing on the ADP jobs report, analysts were excited about the official Nonfarms payroll report coming out today that would show another month of 200,000+ job gains. The March report showed a gain of 98,000 jobs and downward revisions for both January and February, putting into question the … Read more