Market Bottom February 2016

I chose February 17th to do a full rebalance on all portfolios. This included bringing in cash for those who made contributions or transfers in the past few months. There will always be headwinds and a chance the broad market could dip again. However, I chose this date because the market dynamics appeared to present … Read more

Congress complicates Social Security strategies

Kern Business Journal February 16, 2016 Once upon a time – not so long ago – Americans nearing their full retirement age of 66 walked with a bit of a swagger, as they anticipated using tactics that could expand their Social Security income by many tens of thousands of dollars. They planned to use strategies … Read more

January 2016 Portfolio Update

Since publication of my fourth quarter newsletter, the market experienced the worst 10-day start in history. This gave people considerable cause for concern. As of last week, it appears the market is carving out a bottom. Defensive sectors largely led the rebound. This has some experts suggesting more volatility is yet to come. Typically, small-cap … Read more