Newsletter 4Q 2015

As we begin the first leg of an interest rate hike cycle, I am pleased to report that most portfolios outperformed both the broad market and their peers in 2015, net of fees. I attribute our success to diversification, sector selection and low fees. The High Risk portfolio returned 3.91%; the Mod-to-High Risk portfolio returned … Read more

December 2015 Portfolio Update

Performance update When benchmarked to the Vanguard Institutional Index S&P 500, symbol VIIIX: High and, Mod-to-High, Moderate and Mod-to-Low portfolios have outperformed net of fees Low risk portfolio did generate a positive return net of fees, but faced challenges due to rising interest rates All of the are performing within their expected ranges relative to … Read more

Happy birthday! Will you have the money to retire?

The Bakersfield Californian January 2016 Many of my friends and I are celebrating our 40th birthdays. It’s a landmark birthday that calls for great parties. It is also the perfect time for us to check our retirement plans. When it comes to retirement saving, our 40s is a critical decade. It is when most of … Read more