Federal Reserve Raises Rates

After 7 years of holding interest rates at zero, the Federal Reserve Board announced they will begin raising short-term interest rates. This signifies the beginning of the early rate hike phase, along with potential changes to the current allocation of the portfolios. Expanded content is in the video link below. Since 1994, the Federal Reserve … Read more

Oh no! Will being laid off scuttle retirement plans?

Kern Business Journal December 2015 It’s a common problem prompting a common question: I have just been laid off. What should I do with my retirement money? During the layoff frenzy of the Great Recession of 2009, I was answering this question nearly every day until economic recovery kicked in and people returned to work. … Read more

November 2015 Portfolio Update

Performance update When benchmarked to the Vanguard Institutional Index S&P 500, symbol VIIIX: High and, Mod-to-High portfolios have outperformed net of fees Moderate portfolio is slightly trailing net of fees, with less risk than VIIIX Mod-to-Low is just trailing behind the Moderate Low risk portfolio is trailing net of fees All of the are performing … Read more