Don’t let kids’ ‘dreams’ become parents’ ‘nightmares’

The Bakersfield Californian December 11, 2011 Boomers are increasingly helping their children and grandchildren become homeowners, according to a recent nationwide survey commissioned by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Through more than 1,000 interviews, researchers found one in five boomers has already gifted, loaned or co-signed a loan to support their children or grandchildren … Read more

Father’s ‘Christmas present’ brings tears of gratitude to daughter

The Bakersfield Californian November 11, 2011 It’s nearly the end of the year. I expect to soon receive a call from a boomer retirement client, who I will call Rebecca. As she has for the past two years, I expect her to tearfully and gratefully report that she has again received her generous “Christmas present” … Read more

Gold’s ‘safe harbor’ may not be that ‘safe’ for investors

The Bakersfield Californian September 22, 2011 Worries about the potential of a global recession are rocking the stock market and sending investors scurrying for “safe harbors” where they can park their financial ships. Many of my boomer clients are looking for ways to protect their savings and to provide sufficient incomes in future years to … Read more

Economic roller coaster turns boomers’ stomachs

The Bakersfield Californian August 5, 2011 It’s stomach-turning. No, I am not talking about how you feel after you get off the Green Lantern: First Flight, the just-opened new thriller roller coaster at Magic Mountain. I am talking about how you feel after watching the congressional debt-ceiling debate, after watching the stock market take your … Read more

Social Security is still retirement ‘cornerstone’

The Bakersfield Californian July 8, 2011 AARP, the powerful nationwide organization that advocates for older Americans, recently sent shock waves through the ongoing, divisive debate over the future of Social Security. Long an opponent of any change, AARP announced that it would consider “modest” reductions in benefits to keep the program solvent for generations to … Read more

Boomers, do the math before ‘strategically defaulting’

The Bakersfield Californian June 9, 2011 They are called “strategic defaulters.” As home values continue to fall and the economy continues to struggle, their numbers are climbing, including among baby boomers, who are nearing retirement or who already have retired. Boomers “strategically” defaulting on their mortgages — sending the keys to their homes back to … Read more