A Riskalyze portfolio analysis will analyze your current portfolio against your risk tolerance. This will help you to understand if you are investing within your risk profile.

Riskalyze will analyze your portfolio by each security and provide you a risk analysis that can be used to determine how each account, as well as your total portfolio, will perform under different economic conditions. This report will stress test your portfolio to show how it should perform under a variety of conditions: the next bull market; the next bear market; during a financial crisis; and during a rising interest rate market.

The Riskalyze platform can even be used to optimize your existing portfolio based on risk. It identifies the risk and reward of each holding. It then uses that information to determine the optimal risk-adjusted allocation that matches a specific economic condition.

Steven Van Metre Financial is partnering with Riskalyze to offer this technology to you at no charge. With an in-depth Riskalyze analysis, you can be assured that your portfolio is optimized based on your risk tolerance.

Sample Riskalyze Portfolio Analysis

To request your free analysis, first request your risk score from Riskalyze by clicking the link below:

Riskalyze Risk Score

Now that you have your risk score, complete the form below for all of your accounts. Please submit the form as many times as necessary in order to enter all of your holdings. Your completed report will be e-mailed to you.

Please input the stock symbol or 5 letter mutual fund symbol, name of the stock or mutual fund as it shows on your statement and the approximate dollar value or percentage for each position. If the symbol is unavailable please type in the name of the investment exactly as it is printed on your statement. Note any cash or money market positions as "Cash."