October 2015 Portfolio Update

Performance update When benchmarked to the Vanguard Institutional Index S&P 500, symbol VIIIX: High, Mod-to-High and Moderate portfolios have outperformed net of fees Mod-to-Low portfolio is slightly trailing net of fees Low risk portfolio is trailing net of fees All of the are performing within their expected ranges relative to the S&P 500 Portfolios are … Read more

Portfolio Newsletter 3Q 2015

As we reach the end of the second phase of the current market correction, I am pleased to report that all portfolios have outperformed the market (net of fees) as of September 30. This continued success is a result of diversification, sector selection and low fees. The mid-year rebalance went smoothly and produced a successful … Read more

Portfolio Newsletter Year End Update 2014

Last year’s newsletter updated you on portfolio changes made through the annual year-end rebalance. This year we will also share strategy updates, economic outlook, and portfolio performance, in addition to fund changes. Topics and information you will find in this year’s newsletter: Elimination of two portfolios for each risk class Implementation of a biannual rebalance … Read more

Portfolio Newsletter 1Q 2014

The first quarter held some interesting developments. Chief among them: A red hot U.S. stock market caught its breath. The Federal Reserve cut back on its bond purchase program. Interest rates declined. The crisis between Russia and Ukraine affected international investments. Emerging market funds bottomed out. Value stocks outperformed growth stocks. These developments demonstrate the … Read more