Market Brief – Tuesday 5/7/19

After markets closed yesterday, the Trump Administration confirmed there would be an increase in tariffs on Friday after investors shrugged Sunday’s tweet by President Trump as a negotiating tactic. It is an interesting tactic to slam Asian stock markets by threats of further tariffs after U.S. markets are closed. Equities headed lower in early trading … Read more

Market Brief – Monday 5/6/19

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted that due to stalling trade negotiations, which for the past several months he and his administration claimed were close to completion, that the current 10% tariffs will increase to 25% on Friday. He also tweeted that $325 billion Chinese goods remain untaxed, but will “shortly” be tariffed at a rate … Read more

Market Brief – Friday 5/3/19

Stocks moved higher in early trading on the back of a steller payroll report from April. Given investors think inflation is a function of how many people are employed, Treasury yields should be bursting back through their all-time highs, but they aren’t. Ten-year Treasury yields rose to their 50-day moving average and were once again … Read more