Market Brief – Monday 7/8/19

Stocks and Treasury yields started the day lower after news broke on Sunday the Deutsche Bank, the largest German bank, is going to close down their equity trading division and layoff 18,000 employees from their global operations starting today. Deutsche Bank has been struggling with profitability and holds over $70 trillion of derivatives on its … Read more

Market Brief – Wednesday 7/3/19

Stocks rose in early trading as securities dealers are being forced into buying stocks to hedge their long volatility positions. Dealers often take the opposite end of a trade, and with investors continuously selling volatility, dealers must hedge their long volatility positions by buying stocks. After rebounding the last few months, the trade deficit in … Read more

Market Brief – Tuesday 7/2/19

U.S. stocks continue to price in a huge surge in domestic manufacturing while global manufacturing PMIs have contracted on an annualized basis. While stock investors are optimistic, the bond market continues to be the beacon of truth, as Treasury yields faded their early gains. Stocks closed the day slightly higher as volatility was crushed lower. … Read more

Market Brief – Monday 7/1/19

President Trump agreed to restart the complex trade talks with President Xi by holding off on further tariffs. President Trump is also going to allow U.S. firms to resume selling goods to Huawei, who already have resumed shipments by finding ways to skirt the Trump Administration’s ban on selling to Huawei. President Trump also mentioned … Read more