Weekly Economic Update 01-20-2017

The Gold Edition (continued) Bond prices are starting to firm, indicating interest rates are not likely to go too much higher. Gold is slowly pulling back to retest its bullish trendline, just as I expected, which is supporting a near term move in. Meanwhile DeMark, an analytics firm that advises hedge funds, has signaled the stock market may have peaked in the short term. In this week’s update, in addition to going over our normal economic data, I am going to review the target buy points, expected sell points, what I’m looking for to make the final call and what could keep us from making these trades.

Bonus Section: CPI index vs M2 Money Stock; Industrial Production; Initial Claims for Unemployment; S&P 500 volume analysis; support and price analysis for: 10-year Treasury yields, Gold and Gold Miners, and Treasury bonds; Treasury bond volume analsysis; macroeconomic indicators; percentage of stocks trading above their moving averages; total put/call ratio; and charts from the recent Commitments of Traders report.

Weekly Update (13 min):

  • 3 Year Track Record
  • Why the Fed Wants to Raise Rates
  • Industrial Production on the Rise
  • Restaurant Recession Gets Worse
  • China GDP Holds
  • Was My 2016 Recession Call Wrong?
  • Gold Buy Points Nearing
  • DeMark Signals a Top

Bonus (13 min):

  • S&P 500 vs M1 Money Stock
  • iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bonds (TLT) vs M2 Money Stock
  • Consumer Price Index vs M2 Money Stock vs Recessions
  • Industrial Production vs Recessions
  • US 4-Week Moving Average of Initial Claims for Unemployment Ins
  • S&P 500 Volume Analysis
  • 10-Year Treasury Yield (TNX) Support Levels & Price Targets
  • SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) Support Levels & Price Targets
  • Vaneck Vectors Gold Miners (GDX) Support Levels & Price Targets
  • iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond (IEF) Support Levels & Price Targets
  • iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond (IEF) Volume Analysis
  • S&P 500 vs % of S&P 500 Stocks Above 50-day MA
  • S&P 500 vs % of S&P 500 Stocks Above 200-day MA
  • S&P 500 vs Total Put/Call Ratio Relative to its 20-day MA
  • Commitments of Traders – S&P 500
  • Commitments of Traders – 10 Year Treasury Yield
  • Commitments of Traders – US Dollar