Weekly Economic Update 11-25-2016

Short update for this holiday week — How the strong dollar is tightening the money supply and the early affects its having on the average consumer, how holiday spending is critical to the health of our economy, how we have clear signals of being in the last states of the economic cycle, how valuations are looking like the summer of 2007 again and why the average investor buys high and sells low. I’ll also cover our entry points and price movement on our targeted positions. One chart in the bonus section this week showing how bullish sentiment is reaching a peak which usually corresponds with a peaks in the market.

Weekly Update (11 min):

  • Good & Bad Economic News
  • Dollar Rally is Peaking
  • Yields are Peaking
  • Money Supply is Tightening
  • Will Consumers Spend this Year?
  • Late Economic Cycle Trends
  • It’s Looking Like 2007 Again
  • Most Buy High and Sell Low
  • Update on Our Entry Points

Bonus (2 min) –

  • S&P 500 vs Total Put/Call Relative to its 20-day MA